A bit of History.

EASS was started by Owen Murrel and Andrew Wood in 1996.

Owen brought with him over 30 years experience in the alarm business, starting with training at Chubb Alarms and forming his own family company working to the high standards set in the UK. His father invented and patented some of the now mandatory methods for installing hard wired alarm systems. Owen came to France in 1994 and formed EASS two years later to install, upgrade and service security systems.

Now and the future.

In 2006 Owen decided to return to the UK to work with handicapped children, and devote more time to his lovely wife, Carol. Since then Andrew has been expanding the company by taking it into new areas, such as CCTV, monitoring via the internet. Projects in the pipeline include Maitre Chien (Dog Handlers), Personal Protection dogs, and possibly bringing the central station (tele/video surveillance) operations in-house.

Our Philosophy.

The company works under the principle of "Do the right thing", a philosophy I first came across when working for Digital Equipment Company (DEC) in Sophia Antipolis, during the late 80's.